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NXT Cool Zone®

Manufacturer's US Export Product 12 year Warranty Warranty Conditions Nutech Pty Ltd is proud to offer a twelve (12) year warranty on the NXT Cool Zone® roof coating system subject to the following conditions. This warranty is conditional on the correct product selection, surface preparation, application and product coverage complying with Nutech Product Data and Application Guidelines. The Nutech roof coating product range has been extensively tested and is manufactured under strict quality control with only first grade materials used. No responsibility can be accepted for variations in the color, appearance or workability due to on-site mixing procedures, product additions and/or adverse curing conditions outside the control of Nutech Paint Pty Ltd. Nutech cannot be held responsible where Nutech and any other manufacturer's products are used on the same job. Therefore only jobs where Nutech roof coatings have been exclusively used will be covered by this warranty. The use of roof primers, sealers or other coatings not manufactured by Nutech will void this warranty completely. This warranty is conditional on the storage of all Nutech products in an approved manner prior to usage and that the products are used within the recommended shelf life. Manufacturer's Warranty Nutech's Warranty (material only) is conditional on the purchaser/applicator keeping true and correct copies of records of each specific job regarding;  The Nutech roof coating system used listing all products and quantities used,  The Job address, clients name and the date the work commenced and finished,  A copy or details of Nutech or Supplier Invoices for all materials used,  The Applicator must record ambient temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity, estimated wind speed and dew point at regular intervals each day,  The Applicator must record the batch numbers of each product used and the location, date and time where each coating was applied, the size of spray tips used to apply each coat and the wet film thickness applied (Nutech wet film thickness gauges available). Product Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets and Application Guidelines are available for all products and updated regularly. Always ensure responsible use of all Nutech products and empty containers. Signed Mr. Perry Eckert S.C. Dip.App.Sci.

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